Week 5
Part 1
Find the clusters in your social network, using the data from social web services such as Twitter, Delicious, or Facebook. Name the clusters and compare them.

Applet screenshot

In this assignment, I have a limitation to show my real network because I've never used Twitter, a social network application before, so I made an account of Twitter and added people on my following list only in ITP.

I classified these nodes by some clusters as the locations on the world map. It's easier way to classify it because all nodes are from ITP and I'm really not sure what backgrounds they've had yet.

Instead of using Twitter, I tried to use another social network application which is famous in Korea, Cyworld. However, it does not support API(Application programming interface). I realized that most Korean social network application services do not open their API sourses because they don't want to lose users and make users stay on their site as long as possible. This closed network service resulted in delaying of real development in the Web 2.0 in Korea now.